Information Risk Management Services

Information Systems Governance and Assurance

With security solutions flooding the market and security threats proliferating daily, organizations are focusing on ways to guide decision-making in managing information security risk. The challenge is planning and implementing safeguards that are commensurate with the risks. But how is risk defined? And what’s the best way to deal with business issues, such as setting baseline standards or balancing network security with benefits to end-users?


JLM Risk Management Services Information Security Assessment services can help clients make informed choices about their information security needs. Possessing information assets within an information technology environment poses risks, and we assist our clients in recognizing and mitigating these risks. We provide detailed technical assessments of their information systems infrastructure, enterprise applications, and security management policies and procedures. We help clients identify security vulnerabilities, evaluate security controls, and understand business impacts. And we deliver practical improvement recommendations.


Our approach is based on the proposition that an information asset’s value, threats, and vulnerabilities represent the level of risk associated with that asset. As the significance of these factors increases, the risk also increases. Conversely, reducing any of these factors significantly reduces risk. All three factors must be understood before it is possible to

assess risk in a reliable manner.